Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Delight your Piano Students with a Reindeer Rhythm Track Game Mashup

Piano Teaching Game, Reindeer Rhythm Mashup

I decided to do a mashup of 3 fun free games with my piano students this Christmas season to start out their lessons with a multi-concept review game. This game combines notereading, rhythm and intervals into one quick activity. First I printed Susan Paradis' Reindeer Tracks Gameboard and then grabbed a die and the set of her Pot of Gold Game cards that I had on hand.  These include multiple concepts such as note naming, intervals, key signatures and theory terms/signs.
The Save the Turkey cards would also work.  Since many of my beginning students haven't learned the concept of key signature identification, I decided to use these as the "Reindeer Track challenge cards." If the student picked a key signature card they did a "reindeer track challenge."  Imagine the reindeer have been stamping their hooves to the rhythm of Christmas songs and you have to figure out which song they are singing by matching a rhythm pattern tracks in the snow(rhythm card) to the correct song name Pianimation.com Christmas Carol Rhythm Matchup I love starting out lessons with fun fast games.  You can find more music teaching games for any season of the year organized by concept and level on my Game Resource Page.
 Reindeer Rhythm Mashup Game #pianoteaching

Piano Teaching Game, Reindeer Rhythm Mashup

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