Monday, December 18, 2017

Five Fabulous Finds To Tune up Your Piano Teaching and Your Body

When the weather outside gets frightful... and it often does in Rexburg, I love having resources I can easily access at home to improve my piano teaching.
After taking part in Piano Pivot I've been getting a jump start on my piano teaching goals for the new year and have jumped full swing into finding resources that will help me better lead my piano students to become the long-term "dream student" I have envisioned.  This includes both a passion for making music they love and acquiring the foundational skills necessary to achieve that.
In my quest to find more resources to achieve my goals of
Teaching more Improvisation and Chord Understanding and Encouraging Effective Practice next year
I've been listening to piano teaching podcasts and watching pedagogy videos and webinars while I exercise on a stationary bike.  I love how it makes my exercise time just fly by and I walk away feeling rejuvenated with new ideas to implement. With all of the Christmas treats circling my home this time of year I love how these resources keep me on the bike a bit longer to burn off the neighbor treats I indulged in!

Here are a few of the great online resources that are energizing my teaching for the new year.
Tim Podcasts - I'm especially excited to apply what I learned from Tim's podcasts about#107 How to Teach and Simplify and Teach a Pop Song by Ear, and try out iRealPro that he has a podcast about,  but with over 100 more podcasts this resource is going to keep me exercising for a long time!
Teach Piano Today Podcasts - I've been a long time reader of the TPT blog and love using their fun games and improv activities. The podcast "The Huge Practice Mistake that Thousands of Piano Students are Making"  caught my eye earlier this year and I'm excited to explore even more topics including teaching from lead sheets, composing, group and collaborative piano.
Colourful Keys Quick Clips - Nicola has fabulous ideas about fun piano teaching games on her blog as well as motivational scale and keyboard skill charts that help me track students progress of foundational skills.  Her  Quick Clip videos give me a brief peek into her teaching studio and I love to see how she puts her ideas into practice.
Curious Piano Teachers - I've enjoyed the recent focus on improvisation on the Curious Piano Teachers blog and also enjoy catching the webinars they host periodically.
88PianoKeys - Leilla Veiss started posting these Get Inspired episodes a few years ago and I've incorporated them into piano lab activities for some of my students, but they also inspire me as a teacher.

What other audio/video resources do you enjoy using to improve your piano teaching?

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