Friday, December 29, 2017

A Game that Gets Your Piano Students Begging to Review Note Names

I love to "hook" my piano students attention at the beginning of every lesson with a fun off the bench activity that teaches music concepts, so I'm always on the lookout for good games at the thrift store that I can adapt for my musical purposes.
When I spotted "Sorry Sliders" at the Deseret Industries and then tried it out with my children it was a winner for my kindergartner up through my highschooler.  The traditional game board has several bull's eye style targets with ramps that can be attached to each end.  I trimmed a Blank Staff (from Susan to cover the bull's eye target.
To play, you can identify a specific note that students need to review as the "target." Then players take turns sliding their game pieces (which have small balls on the bottom to make them glide smoothly along the ramp).  At the end of each round, tally points by counting "intervals" to see how close each game piece was to to the target.  The player with the lowest score wins the round.
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