Thursday, August 2, 2012

Piano Lab Assignment Sheets

Creating and organizing my piano lab curriculum has been a long ongoing process. After going to a local piano teacher's seminar by Renee Lacey (creator of Ear Training Expedition), I decided to organize my own list Computer Lab Activities to directly correlate with the order of concepts introduced in the method books I typically use.
Renee has a booklet for sale with lab lesson plans utilizing various software programs and organized by rotating weekly themes (see more under Leveled/Topical Approach in this post). For my friend who has a large studio this has been a great asset. I chose to come up with my own curriculum instead so that I could more flexibly implement other online resources, avoid the cost of new software and cater to my students specific needs.
I have a durable plastic colored folder for each of my students that includes their Piano Lab Assignment Tracking Sheet. Following is a small sample of my Level 1 Activities. To the right of the activity there is a column for "Date Assigned," "Score,"(recorded by student) and "Done"(checked off by teacher). By color-coding the activities (Green-online, Black-lab binder w/ dry erase markers, Red-Music Ace, etc.) I can more easily prep for lessons. Before or after lessons it only takes me a minute or two to scan each students checklist, check progress & move the highlighter tape to the activities I'd like them to complete next. If they have mastered a concept (like white key names) before completing all the activities, I skip to the next concept. It is helpful for me to have them all listed for students who need the extra reinforcement



LH/RH & Finger Numbers

SP Colorful Fingers worksheet

Tonic Tutor Blue Finger Puppets


Midisaurus Sounds Around Us

Midisaurus High and Low

Ear Training Exped.P1 Level 1-Unit 1

Music Ace Lesson 2 Intro to Keyboard

Music Ace Game 2

Same/Diff. Melodies

MLC Smiley & Friends play 2x

Going Up/Down

MLC Storm Chasers play 2x

Ear Training Exped P1 Level 1 Unit 2

Note Names QH

MLC Meteor Match play 2x

Note Names QHW

Happy Note Space

Rhythm QHWqr

WPS Note Value Worksheet

Draw qr 4/4 measure

Theory pg 10-14 (draw rests, measures)

Adagio Allegro

Midisaurus Fast and Slow

Rhythm Steady Beat

Music Ace Lesson 3 Beat and Tempo

Music Ace Game 3

White Key Names

Midisaurus Music Alphabet

MLC Letter Fly CDE

MLC Letter Fly FGAB

Tonic Tutor Piano Keys

Alfred Name That Key

SP Hide the Pumpkin Worksheet

WPS White Key Notes Worksheet Piano Keys Quiz

Music Ace Lesson 5 ABC’s of Keyboard

Music Ace Game 5

Music Ace Lesson 7 More Piano ABC’s

Music Ace Lesson 7


Midisaurus Loud and Soft

Theory pgs 22-25 f/p complete measure

I also typically have them start lab by listening to the weekly Classics for Kids program (about 5 min).

Sometimes if a student is making fast progress, I allow them to choose their own activities from the link list on my blog, beat their own high scores or just create their own songs on the Music Ace Doodle Pad.
After they are familiar with the analysis process I also assign them listening & analysis tasks specific to the song they are learning, but I don't track this on their assignment sheet.


  1. Thanks for sharing these resources! I checked out Tonic Tutor and it's so neat! =)

  2. Thanks for this, Heidi! You're always so creative, and I'm glad you are willing to share so much with us!