Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Organizing My Teaching Tools: Piano Teaching Binders

After several years of finding a treasure trove of online piano teaching resources, I decided to compile my most often used on the bench teaching aids into a couple of binders with tabbed dividers w/ sheet protectors. It's so convenient to have my note naming, sightreading & rhythm drills all in one place as students work to compete in the Piano Summer Olympics Events.

Notereading - Say & Play all notes on the page in less than one minute

Sightreading - Play as many measures in a row as you can with accurate notes and rhythm
  • Pre-Reading Sightreading Cards (Pianimation.com) I print multiple cards per page.
    • Partial staff cards to practice directional reading (step up, step down, repeat)
  • Sightreading Pages (Now sold as "flashcards" that you cut apart at Dianehidy.com)
    • Very gradually sequenced 2-4 measure examples starting with landmark notes on both staves, then notes within major and minor 5 finger patterns.
  • Sightreading Challenge Sets (Pianimation.com Teacher Resources)
    • Leveled sightreading challenges beginning with directional patterns, landmark notes on one staff.  They gradually increase in difficulty eventually including various key signatures, articulation and dynamic marks.
  • Reading Exercises in C Major by Michael Kravchuk
    • A downloadable pdf including 354 1-line reading exercises ranging from simple quarter+whole note patterns for both hands without accidentals to advanced level samples with grace notes, various 16th note/rest patterns with thicker textures and multiple accidentals.

  • Rhythm Drills (Compose Create) - Clap & count each line of rhythms
  • Rhythm Beat Boards (Pianimation)
  • Rhythm Teaching Aids: While/Half Rest, Rhythm in the Grid/Mighty Dot (Susan Paradis)

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