Saturday, August 4, 2012

Organizing Piano Games

Piano Studio organization is a work in progress. 
I've tried several different methods to organize my games & this is the best I've come up with for now.
I store my gamecards in these small plastic totes, inside of a larger plastic tub with a lid.

Labels on the top of each box help me remember the contents of each box.

Thanks to a helpful tip from another blogger, I purchased these expandable files to store my flat gameboards  in.  I originally tried to add the gamecards too so they could all be in one place, but I didn't like the bulkiness it created.

I printed  tiny images of the contents on one sheet of paper so I can see at a glance which games are stored inside.

The games fit snugly inside this old tv cabinet beside my piano for easy access during lessons.  
 I also keep my teaching binders, most often used piano books for checkout inside.  I love having it close by but behind closed doors.
My own children's piano bags are stored right next to the piano.

But soon all of my games and music library materials will be happily moving to a new home that is almost 3x larger! We have a large tv armoire (a great Craig's list find)  that I plan to put a few shelves in.  Then I can store all of my music in the large space for the tv and put all of the games and other tools underneath in the video storage area.
For more piano games organization tips check out this "Game Materials Organization"post by Joy ... (the inspiration for this post:)


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