Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Piano Lab Free Online Resources- Level 1

 In addition to the music software programs I've purchased for my lab (Music Ace, Midisaurus, Ear Training Expedition,  PBJ, etc.) the following free online resources add a fun variety of activities for my elementary music students to do independently during piano lab time.
SP-Susan Paradis
CC-Compose Create (Teaching Resources & Students Web Rewards Tabs)
CIMP- Color in My Piano
MLC- Music Learning Community (Free Games)
Piano Discoveries
MMB- Music Matters Blog
Tonic Tutor
Happy Note
Classics for Kids (I typically have students listen to "This Week's Show")

Following is a list organized by concept. Do you have any other favorites to add to the list for this level?

LH/RH  & Finger Numbers
SP Colorful Fingers printable

Same/Diff. Melodies
MLC Smiley & Friends
Going Up/Down
MLC Storm Chasers

Tonic Tutor Stick People
Note Names QH
MLC Meteor Match
Note Names QHW
Happy Note Space
Rhythm QHWqr
CC Note Value printable

SP Drawing Notes printable
Ear Training Rhythm
Tonic Tutor Dancing Jelly Beans
White Key Names
Tonic Tutor Piano Keys

MLC Letter Fly CDE

MLC Letter Fly FGAB

SP Hide the Pumpkin printable

CC White Key Notes printable

Emusictheory.com Piano Keys Quiz
Up/Down on Staff
WPS Moving Up and Down worksheet

SP ABC;s on Staff Worksheet
Bass Clef F &G
Happy Note Bass Clef F & G

Candy Corn Note Puzzle Bass FGAB

CIMP Bass Clef Dot to Dot printable
Bass & Treble Clefs
CC Drawing Clefs printable

Piano Discoveries Barnyard Video/Wkst/Online Games

CIMP Treble Clef Dot to Dot printable

SP Guide Notes Worksheet in order

SP Guide Notes Worksheet random
Staff Treble CDEFG
Happy Note Treble Clef CDEFG
MLC Page Turner Treb CDEFG play 2x
Treble Staff
MLC Page Turner Treble FACE play 2x

Pedaplus.com Treblebeg
Tonic Tutor Lasers

CC Landmark Notes Crossword printable
Notes on Staff
Tonic Tutor Note Bird
Steps and Skips
Tonic Tutor Jungle Journey

CC Steps and Skips Worksheet

Theta Chord Spells Level 1 (40)
E.T Melody
Tonic Tutor Robot
Rhythm Recognition
Tonic Tutor Piggybank
Theory Terms
Tonic Tutor Boxing Glove
Hearing Steps/Skips
Big ears Intervals-:P1(repeat), M2(st), M3(sk)

Theta Paddle Pitch Level 1 (40)
Hearing W H Qt
emusictheory.com easy whole,quarter,half

Theta Flash Rhythms Level 1 (40)
Half Steps Whole Steps
CC Half Steps/Whole Steps Printable

MMB Half/Whole Step/Skip Printable
Level 1 Practice Test (for purchase on Compose Create)

CIMP Review Test A

CIMP Review Test B

CC Web Rewards Level 1


  1. Heidi, I bookmarked this to read later and I finally am getting around to it. I love it! While I am familiar with many of your listed resources, I found some wonderful new sites and I love the way you have everything listed. I'm trying to tweak my lab system this fall and you have so many great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    1. I'm glad I could help you out a little. One of my "to-do's" is to post a resource list of all of the printable games and activities that I've found online that correspond with the concepts in lab so that I'll actually remember to utilize them more often in my teaching; But between the Relief Society Meetings, soccer, football, piano and Dr. visits for strep throat I don't think I'll squeeze that in for a while :)