Friday, November 2, 2018

Creative Keys Workshop with Leila Viss: On and Off the Bench

This session focussed on using technology during off bench time in your teaching studio and started with a rousing game of Kahoot!  is a free educational game platform where teams race to answer questions correctly using a pc, ipad or mobile device.  This would make a great activity for a group lesson or buddy lesson.  You can choose from a wide selection of games created by other teachers or create your own customized set.  By searching "leilaviss" in the Kahoot search bar I discovered the fun Kahoot games created by Leila about intervals, chord spelling, music styles and composers, etc.  A few other possible search topics include piano keys, key signatures, chord qualities, notes on the staff, rhythm.

After discussing the benefits and logistics of adding off-bench time such as overlapping students, pairing sibling or friends,  using themes to simplify curriculum planning and covering the costs, Leila illustrated several fun examples of off-bench time activities.

  • Hold a music history-themed event such as a  Baroque Bash. (including tp roll wigs!)

Plan off bench time and group lessons centered around one concept.  For example:

Although I have already incorporated off the bench lab time and group lessons in my studio for many years, I walked away with so many fresh ideas that I am excited to incorporate with my students.  Having monthly themes also helps me to cover all the bases while simplifying the planning for students of multiple levels.
Key Signatures

Ear Training
Other piano pedagogy resources mentioned in response to a teacher's question about helpful piano pedagogy books include.

"Make it Stick" - Book about Learning Effectively
Piano Teaching - Christopher Fisher
Professional Piano Teaching - Jacobson
The Music Teaching Artist's Bible- Eric Booth
The Savvy Music Teacher by David Cutler

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