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How to Maximize Learning in Music Lessons

The time at music lessons just seems to fly by each week because time flies when you are having fun!   Following are some ideas and links to resources I shared at the UVMTA Workshop: Spicing up Music Lessons-Using Creative Activities to Maximize Learning  At the end of the post is a youtube video recording of the entire workshop.

Piano teaching tips

TECHNIQUE- “The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – Wilson Arthur Ward
·         Caterpillar Crawl (How Many Wrist Pedals Before Bouncing Ball?)

o Teach Musical Concepts with Music (Technique through Song)
o   Form/Ear Training Patterns
o   Use Stories/Familiar Associations
o   Engage all Senses Visual Music Map, Auditory Music, Kinesthetic Movements
o   Demo/Involve more than Lecture
·         Nile Crocodile or Wrestling Referee or Princess Castle
o   Stories provide a more memorable framework
o   Less threatening correction tool
·         Lava Chords or Zootopia or What Makes You Beautiful- Auto Harp App
·         Thumb Tuck Challenge – Can Can (Race to go Across Table Balancing Popsicle Stick)
·         Tool Kit
o   Finger Trampoline, Fuzzies, Giant Rubber Band, Animal Erasers, Balloon Playdough Ball, Scarf

RHYTHM -"Gamification can improve motivation and engagement." 
Immediate Feedback, Badges and Rewards drive students to keep coming back. ( "How Does Gamification Effect the Learning Process?")
·         Most Addicting Sheep Game app
·         Rhythm Swing app
·         Bed Bug Hotel – Twinkle Twinkle & Charlie Chipmunk
o   Framework for Teaching Time Signatures
§  Top # Tells Us How Many Beats, Bottom What Kind of Note (London Bridge Tune)
·         Compose Create Rhythm Cups Explorations- Sample & Mr. McGill
o   Feel Syncopation
o   Emphasize Up & Down Beats
·         Rhythm Telephone Race
·      M&M Dictation Relay

THEORY- "Play improves memory and stimulates growth of the cerebral cortex." (The Cognitive Benefits of Play: Effects on the Learning Brain: Parenting
·         Tie Track/Slur Slope
·         What’s the Password?
·         Quizlet
·         Posters
o   An Ant Named AndANTe

·         Piano Cranium
·         Jenga or Interval Towers

NOTE READING-“When a player achieves a state of total or complete focus, complete immersion and limited awareness of time, there is also created a strong desire to repeat or extend the experience.” "How games can engage students and improve learning." by Marilyn Ault
·         Candyland, Sing the CDE, FGAB or EGBDF Mootoob FACE
·         Trick or Treat Notey Noteheads
·         Notereading Binder

o   Fidget Spinner “ I Spy” Race
o   1 minute timer
o   Sightreading Challenges
·         Slapnote, Spoons and Go Fish (Playful Piano Cards)
·         Don’t Eat Pete
·         Bang Rhythms/Notes/Intervals/Terms
·         Pianimation Toss a Note
·         Stick Prop Tricks 

·         Post it Notes Surprise
o   TD’s (Tonic Dominant)
o   Rainbows
o   Rub Tap

PRACTICE STRATEGIES "We are hardwired to pay attention to change, not repetition."  Christine Carter
·         Contextual Interference Effect: Random Practice for Reaps Greater Retention Results 
·         Gamifying practice breaks up tasks into smaller pieces, randomize with dice, cards, etc.
Heidi’s Piano Studio: DIY Piano Pencil Bag Tutorial
o   Divide and Conquer
o   Level Up
o   3 in a Row
o   The Lap
o   Beat the Dealer
o   Nibble a Note
o   Back Track
o   Silly Scales
o   Paper Clip 5 Key Climb 

·         Practice Incentives (Binder)

·         Pattern Play (Forrest Kinney)
o   Duets Reinforce Steady Beat
o   Exploration Across the Keyboard
o   Scale Pattern Formulas
o   Add then Expand Parameters (Rhythm, Scale Pattern, Tonic End Note, Mood)
·         Teach Piano Today Improv
o   Back to School Rhythm Cups, Don’t Clap This One Back
·         Wendy Chan Halloween Minor Scale Improv Game 

EAR TRAINING "What is the natural learning sequence? Sound, Feel, Sign then Name." - Joy Morin
·         Pattern Bingo or Don’t Eat Pete
·         Make Group Performances Ear Training Exercises
o   Listen for: Tempo, Articulation, Dynamics, Major/Minor, Time Signature,  Watch for 5: Announce Name/Piece, Adjust Bench, Posture, Float-off ending, Bow
o   Compliment & Feedback: Loved, Like, Would Like
·         Festival Listening Sample Assignment  (Piano Adventures Gold Star or NFMC Choices(or Youtube UIPianoPed)
·         Listen to pieces, multiple choice questions about mood, dynamics, form, etc., rate.
·         Pianimation Candy Listening Bingo (Intervals)
·         4D Directional Bingo (Melodic Patterns)

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR GIVEAWAY SOURCES! You can visit their sites and find even more fun resources by clicking the links below.
The Playful Piano - Practice Tricks Pack
Compose Create - Rhythm Cups Explorations Samples
Teach Piano Today - Improv Pack (Rock Your Way to School, McDrip, Halloween, Santa's Workshop, Saint Patrick's and Valentines), Wunderkeys Notereading Activity
Susan Paradis - Notey Noteheads, Silly Sentences - Beat Boards, Winter Blues Improv, Musikopoly Chance Cards, Alphabet Cards
Teachers Pay Teachers- Middle C I See (Musical Spot-it)
Colourful Keys - Practice Kit Mood Cards
Layton Music - Trick or Treat Rhythms, Note Name Tic Tac Toe

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