Friday, May 9, 2014

Piano Lab Online Activities Level 2

Level 2 Activities correlate with concepts in Hal Leonard Book 2 or Faber Piano Adventures Book 1
Technique Videos
  Piano Adventures Book 1 Technique Secrets
  Piano Adventures Book 1 Artistry Pieces  
Repertoire Videos
  Hal Leonard Book 2
  Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1
Bass Clef Staff Notes
  Pedaplus Bass Beginning 
  Piano Safari Notes on the Staff Video 
  Music Tech Teacher The Missing Notes
Hearing Steps/Skips
  Tone Savvy Ear Training M2 M3
  Theta Three Tones Level 1
  Tonic Tutor Stick people
 Teoria Ear Training Intervals M2 M3
Intervals 2nd/3rd
  Music Tech Teacher 2nds/3rds Quiz (Letter Names)
  Music Tech Teacher Listen to 2nds/3rds Quiz (On Staff + Sound Sample)
Interval 4th/5th
  Theta Paddle Pitch Level 1 & 2
  Theta Parrot Phrases Level 1
  Music Tech TeacherListen to 4ths/5ths (On Staff + Sound Sample)
Aural Memory
  Music Tech Teacher Flash Piano Memory
Upbeats/Time Signature
Rhythm Ear Training
  Tonic Tutor Dancing Jelly Beans
Melodic Ear Training
  Tonic Tutor Robot
  Music Tech Teacher Flash Piano Memory
Note Value Review
Treble Staff Notes
  Classics for Kids Note Name Game
  Vic Speed Note Reading  
Interval Ear Training M2-P5
   Pedaplus Flash Intervals
  Melody and Harmony
   SanFran Symphony  Harmony
 Major Minor Chords
  Theta Tone Tree Level 1
  Theta  Chord Spells Level 1
  Theta Chord Spells Level 2 
  Music Tech Teacher Ties and Slurs Quiz
Sharps/Flats on the Keys
  Tonic Tutor Piano Keys 
  Music Tech Teacher Mighty Music Man 1
  Music Tech Teacher Mighty Music Man 2
  Music Tech Teacher Identify the Piano Keys Quiz
Sharps/Flats on the Staff
  Tone Savvy Piano Keys
Notes on the Staff
  Pedaplus Older Version Treble Beginner
  Pedaplus Older Version Bass Beginner
  Tonic Tutor Lasers
  Tonic Tutor Note Bird
Terms and Signs
  Tonic Tutor Boxing Glove
  Tonic Tutor Piggybank
  San Fran Symphony Symbols
  Quizlet Terms and Signs
  Music Tech Teacher Choose Your Path
Theory Review
Thinking Theory Rhythm Q-H-DH-H
Thinking Theory Accidentals Half/Whole Steps

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