Monday, March 22, 2021

Worldwide Youth Music Festival

The snow coats my driveway on the first day of spring when I am so ready for sunshine instead of gray skies and more snow shoveling.  My mood lifts when I turn on one of my favorite songs  "Good Day" by Nik Day. 

I was happy to discover more inspiring music at last week's 2021 Worldwide Youth Music Festival.  Free Printable Sheet Music is available for many of the inspirational Christian songs that appeal to teens. Some of my favorites include "A Great Work" by Nik Day,  If You Believe by Patch Crowe and "Come to the Well" by Elyse Alexander.

Since many of the songs include accompaniment and vocals, I enjoy playing the music accompaniments along with YouTube videos or improvise lead sheet style by playing the melody line with  the bass chord framework.  Here are just a few ideas of how to highlight specific piano concepts while students have fun exploring the music in different ways.  Since it is written with 3 parts (Treble Solo + Treble & Bass Piano Accompaniment) the teacher could play 2 parts, while student learns 1 part, then swap roles.

Intervals in a Flash

 "If You Believe" by Patch Crowe is a favorite of my children because of its energetic pop style.  Print the sheet music and ask students do a quick "I Spy" challenge and race to count how many intervals of a 5th are in the bass on the first 2 pages. Play the repeating i, VI, II VII bass intervals from the first few pages along with the music (available free on the Sacred Music app (Youth Music Tab) from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.)

Accompaniment Practice

The syncopated pop style rhythms make this accompaniment fun to play along with the music recording in the key of f minor for fluency with flat key signatures.

Melody Sightreading

Get some practice playing in the seldom used key signature of f minor as you play just the melody line.

Find even more music from the 2020 Youth Playlist

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