Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Ferris Wheel Piano Improvisation Tutorial


When piano students improvise using familiar method book songs, it reinforces concepts in a fun way while allowing them the freedom of expression at the piano within comfortable parameters.  Forrest Kinney's Create First Improvisation Books include many great patterns that can reinforce method book concepts such as intervals, chords, rhythm patterns.  But sometimes the song from a method book can spark creativity in a new way by just adapting familiar elements to create something new. 

The following quick tutorial videos demonstrate how to improvise using the rhythms from Ferris Wheel in Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1.  

Ferris Wheel Improvisation Right Hand Demo

For a challenge, add a left hand waltz pattern on the black keys by choosing 5ths on the black keys and playing "Down, up, up" as shown in this Ferris Wheel Improvisation Hands Together Sample video.

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