Friday, March 22, 2019

Teaching Familiar Rote Pieces in Piano Lessons + a Free Printable

What do Pete the Cat and Baby Shark Have in Common?
Fast Repeated Notes, Repetition, Familiarity, Just 4 Notes and Kid Appeal!

Thanks for to a great idea from Leila Viss, I used baby shark in my son's elementary class this month when introducing Bass and Treble in a Music is Fun Bingo game.

I love how this 4 note song sparked multiple teaching concepts ideas for different levels in addition to the chord harmonization. I just added it to my pinterest board
Intro: A memorable way to introduce Half Steps
Technique: A great rote piece to practice fast repeated notes after learning Piano Safari "Kangaroo" or "Zechariah Zebra"
Intervals: Sing "Step up skip repeat repeat..."
Treble vs Bass: Baby Mommy and Grandma vs Daddy and Grandpa
Transposition: Play along with the video and transpose up a half step for the "Run Away" and "Safe at Last" verses.
Improvisation: Compose a 4 note song by changing the order of the keys but using the Baby Shark rhythm or imitate the catchy rhythm on your own set of notes.

The shark video brought another catchy 4 note song to my mind. My kids love the Pete the Cat  books "I Love my White Shoes," and I love how they pair two of my favorite things - music and reading.  Several of the books include online audio with catchy repetitive songs.  The songs for Pete the Cat's "I Love my White Shoes" and Rockin in His School Shoes" both include just 4 notes and also make learning the technical skill of playing fast repeated notes a lot more fun.

These could easily be taught by rote (EEE A- G- , EEE D- E-) but I also chose to notate them on musescore since the range of notes on mostly white keys are easily accessible for beginners to read.
Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons (more of a chant than a song)
Pete the Cat Rockin in His School Shoes
Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

Pete the Cat Melodies Free Printable

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