Saturday, March 9, 2019

Music Is Fun Elementary Lesson Plan

I volunteered to teach a music lesson in my son's elementary school classroom for Fun Friday.  With so many games to choose from in my piano game resource list, it was hard to decide which to use but I finally picked Susan Paradis's Music is Fun Bingo game as the basis of the activity and planned the following interactive activities to go along with each of the calling cards after doing a quick introduction of the music alphabet and white keys on the piano.  The activities highlighted in yellow are free activities for children to try out at home if they like.

Music Alphabet: The Music Alphabet is shorter than the regular alphabet. Sing "Music Alphabet Boogie" and listen for the last letter of the music alphabet (or jump to the right as we sing up the Piano Adventures music alphabet song and jump to the left as we sing down).
My First Piano Adventures Audio Book A: The Music Alphabet
White Keys Music Alphabet Frog YouTube Video
Ear Training: Piano Doghouse/My Garage How many syllables are in "Dog-house?" "My-Ga-rage?"
Hearing and Seeing Piano Patterns from the Start
As I play a "doghouse" or "my garage", hold up 2 or 3 fingers to show how many sounds you heard.
Draw a doghouse and garage with piano keys names written on the white keys.

Piano Keys "CDE... its a C?D?orE?" or "FGAB.... its a ____"
Tied Notes  Say "1+1=__?" while drawing 2 tied quarter notes on the board.
3/4 - Clap 3 beat pattern with a partner (Down, Together, Out) with a waltz drum beat.
4/4 - Clap 4 beat pattern with a partner (Down, Together, Out, Together) with a rock & roll drumbeat.
Line Note - Stick your fingers in your ears.
Space Note - Put hand on top of head and under chin.
Freddie the Frog Line/Space Note Matching Game
Forte- Shout Forte "Loudly" on the count of 3.
Mezzo Forte - Say "I love music!" in a medium loud voice.
Piano - Whisper "piano" to your neighbor.
Quarter rest - As I sing the "Give it a Rest" Quarter rest song say "sh" after I say rest.
Quarter Note - Sing Quarter Note Song w/ Actions "It has a head and a stem and it's all colored in."
Half Note - Sing "It has a head and stem but it's not colored in" with hand actions.
Dotted Half Note- Sing "It has a head and a stem and a dot at the end." with hand actions.
Whole Note -  Listen for how many seconds I sing "Whole Note hold it."
Quackin' Rhythms Game
Phil Tulga Drum Cube Machine: Create Your own Rhythm Patterns
Treble Clef- Say "Treble Clef" in a high pitched voice.
Pianoanne Barnyard Friends Video: Gina and the Treble Clef
Bass Clef - Say "Bass Clef" in a deep low voice.
Pianoanne Barnyard Friends Video: Farmer Fred and the Bass Clef
Pianoanne Barnyard Friends Video: The Grand Staff
Measure - Raise your hand if you share a room. "A Measure is like a Musical Room" Between the Bar Lines.
Bar Line - "A line that divides the music into "rooms."

Starfall Short Interactive Online Music Books about Composers
Phil Tulga Fraction Bar Composing
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra Interactive Story
Flash Online Music Composer
More Online Music Activities Organized by Concept and Level

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