Monday, September 18, 2017

Eighth Note lays down and stretches out for Eighth Rest

At our last group lesson I invited my students to create posters to illustrate music concepts, and later I was inspired to do a little designing myself.
My natural artistic skills are nothing to brag about, but with a little help from Picmonkey the message looks a little more flashy.
Eighth Rest Poster with a little help from picmonkey!

Handwritten poster I sketched
It will soon take a turn on my music studio bulletin board.
Check out these other fun music theory teaching posters.
Colourful Keys - Tempo Terms
Susan Paradis Noteboys and Rhythm in the Grid - Inversions, Ledger Lines and Rhythm

.... and a few other picmonkey creations I designed for piano teaching.


 What do you use in your music studio to make theory terms and concepts more memorable?

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