Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Quest for Virtues Monthly Quotes

I created 12 posters as studio decor to go along with the monthly Piano Quest for Virtues Themes in my Studio last year.  My blog posts have been a bit sparse this year with the stress of relocating,  but I'm excited for fresh start in my Rexburg Piano Studio and an added bonus is I can utilize this program again soon with all new students.  
As I was growing up I like how my dad loved to post inspiring quotes
around the house in prominent places to encourage and uplift our thoughts.  A few ideas I brainstormed to make more use of these beyond studio decor include:
  • Printout some quotes for students to choose to slip into the clear covers of their piano binders
  • Add them to the top of each month's Lesson Assignment Sheet
  • Offer a little reward for students who accept a challenge to memorize the monthly quote
  • Challenge students to  compose a melody to go along with their favorite quote

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