Friday, June 24, 2016

My First Piano Adventures Teaching Tips

My "Monster Bus Fan" with his Favorite Pal
I love the excitement and playfulness of young children.  So far I have used the Faber My First Piano Adventures Books to "play" with my children and introduce them to piano concepts from a very young age.  I attended a Faber workshop last summer with my teenage daughter who has now joined the ranks with me as a piano teacher.  These are just a couple of tools that I have used to go along with some of the songs in this method.
Instead of using "paper wads" to mark the key colors
for "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" I make a star template using a 3x5 card for my students to slip over their piano keys just for this song.  They are so excited to be able to learn a familiar harder song right away.

After discovering the "fingercise" cup on Teach Piano Today, I created some yellow finger trampolines that are perfect for little hands to practice dipping the appropriate finger number into the Honey Pot for the "What's in the Honey Pot" activity.

I'm excited to start on some new adventures with my youngest preschooler this year as we embark on a new journey now that he's enrolled in Lets's Play Music.

For a list of more activities that correspond with My First Piano Adventures A check out my "My First Piano Adventures "Game Plan"

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