Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lego Rhythm Construction Game

I started using legos in my studio a few years ago help solidify rhythmic concepts with my students after reading this Lego Rhythms post by Jen at  Some of the boys really thrived with this manipulative.  So after a quick activity at private lessons to review how to build rhythms using legos, we played a fun game at group lessons.  With all of the excitement I forgot to snap some photos... but here is a snapshot of 2 measures in 4/4 time "constructed" with legos so you can visualize what a lego measure looks like.
Lego Rhythm Construction Game

What you need:
Legos of varying sizes to represent note values (I used eighth notes up to whole notes.  The long legos used on the base represent 1 measure in 4/4 time.)
Rhythm Cards. I used these large rhythm card sets from Layton Music.

Object of the Game: Be the first to construct lego rhythm blocks to accurately represent the rhythm on each rhythm card

How to Play:
To prep for the game I divided students into 2 equal teams and had them race to sort their bags of legos into piles according to size.  Give each team the same # of rhythm cards  & long lego bases to construct their rhythms on.  (I used 5 per team w/ varying degrees of difficulty).  Challenge: The winning team must then take turns clapping and counting aloud the rhythms they have built to win.

Variation: After building the lego rhythms, mix them up and have students match up the lego measures with the correct rhythm cards.

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    I'm Nisaa, currently training as a teacher trainee in Malaysia. i'm currently doing a reseach about "Using LEGOs to help students to clap ryhthm patterns with quaver beats in 4/4 meter" and i came upon your website about the same topic as mine. it is okay if i have a little bit of your time to humbly ask for your opinions regarding my research?

    Looking foward for your reply.. Thank You :)