Friday, February 8, 2013

Hearing Intervals Game

Inspired by the Rhythm Magnet Game by Joy on Color in my piano I planned a fun game at our last group lesson to review identifying intervals by ear.  This is a skill that seems to come quite naturally to some students, but is a real challenge for others.

Game Prep

I taped 6 posters in different areas of the room including the interval name, song associated with it and a picture to represent it.
Major 2nd - London Bridge

Major 3rd - Oh When the Saints or We'll Bring The World His Truth

Perfect 4th - Here Comes the Bride

Perfect 5th  - Star Wars
Major 6th - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear or I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
Perfect 8th (Octave) - Somewhere over the Rainbow or I've Been Dreaming of a True Love's Kiss (from the Disney movie Enchanted).  You could also have the students make the posters for additional reinforcement.

Play Instructions

All students start in the center of the room with their backs to the piano (so they can't see what I play).  Teacher plays an interval (repeat 2 or 3 times if needed).  Students race to stand by the poster of the interval they heard.  Students under the correct poster get a point.  The first student under the correct poster gets an additional point (or small treat).  Repeat as many times as desired.

Can you think of a fun name for this game?