Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where is One? Teaching Finger Numbers

Sing this and use the actions for "Where is Thumbkin" to help your child learn finger #s. Finger 1 is the thumb, Finger 2 is pointer, etc. Rather than making a fist and trying to hold up just one finger, have the student tap the finger named on their lap or a tabletop like they would if playing a piano key.

"Where is One, Where is One, (Hide hands behind back)
Here I am ( pull out right hand, set hands on lap in a rounded position and tap your thumb on its side tip)
Here I am (pull out left hand, ...)
How are you today sir? (Tap right thumb)
Very well I thank you (Tap left thumb)
Run away ( Hide right hand behind back)
Run away( Hide left hand behind back)

Repeat with all fingers only play on the fingertip (not the side tip).

Adding a finger puppet or this finger toy I recently found at "Dollar Tree" just adds to the fun.


  1. Hi Heidi, I just found this entry today and love it! I did a very similar entry a few weeks ago, and here is the link if you're interested.
    Hope you're having a great summer!

  2. Great idea! Singing always helps students remember... I've never gotten creative in teaching finger numbers but I will definitely be using this! I think I have some of those little googly eyes sitting around somewhere, too. :-)

  3. Fun! I'm going to use this song today with my beginning piano group lesson. Thank you for sharing your creativity!