Thursday, April 19, 2012

Musical Playground

During our latest trip to the new playground in town, my children had fun with all of its musical features.

My favorite part was this multi function music station with a marimba, metallaphone and rainmaker from
Wouldn't these make a fun addition to a piano preschool or early childhood music program?


  1. I can't even remember how I found your blog but when this post showed up in my rss feed today I realized that you live in my town! I think we've even met. I'm one of the Let's play music teachers here and I found one of your posts that said you attended one of our connections meetings. Anyway, small world! I love all your ideas, thanks for sharing them!

  2. Emy I'm glad you enjoy the blog. My Let's Play Music post was inspired by the presentation you did with Melissa. I hosted a piano teacher's luncheon to get together to share ideas a few years ago. If/when my life calms down a bit... I'd love to do one again with some of the local teachers. I'll let you know if I do:)

  3. Hello Heidi,

    Thanks for posting the pictures of our Sound Play music station. It looks like a Leathers and Associates community built project, but I don't know where. I always like to know our instruments are bringing more people to music.

    Best wishes,
    Sound Play, Inc.

  4. Hi Heidi,
    Thanks for posting the great musical photos. I think this is our project in Pocatello, ID but it's difficult to know for sure based on these shots. Please confirm when you have time. Thanks again - Soundplay is a great company to work with!!!
    Kyle Cundy
    Leathers & Associates