Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Variation on an Edible Piano Theme

After seeing this fun edible sandwich piano on For Love of Piano my creative juices started to flow and I came up with this simpler, sweeter version made of snack size Kit Kat's (cut in half) and wafer cookies for treats at my Baroque group lesson today. We'll be taking a little "field trip" to explore the organ at the church
And just for fun... I made this pink version for my little "think pink" preschooler.

How about a lesson on skips on the keys?
Maybe next time I'll add in a healthier version with celery sticks for the white keys and baby carrots or red pepper strips for black keys.


  1. That's awesome, Heidi!! I bet the kids loved it!

  2. Cute! I am doing this at my recital next week. Love the wafers, I used to think they were so yummy.

  3. Very neat Heidi....terrific idea for the kids' last class before they take off for summer holidays.