Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Piano Pencil Storage Solution

Inspired by this cute gift can tutorial on "Our Best Bites" blog, I decided to create my own unique decorative piano pencil storage can. Now that my little one has figured out how to open my piano cabinets drawer and doors.... I've had to become a little more clever at hiding my piano tools from her inquisitive fingers (and mouth).
I bought several small pop top fruit cans to fill with mother's day treats... but someone opened up one can the wrong way before I could transform it, so I enjoyed the chocolate that was supposed to fill it and came up with this new use for it instead. I use colored pencils a lot in my teaching when I "Hand over the Pencil", so now I can store them all beautifully within my reach....
and out of hers.

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  1. Heidi!!! So funny...I found your blog again a little while ago but didn't link it to you. I've been following your blog on Google Reader and it wasn't until today that I realized it was YOU!!!! Such a happy coincidence. Looks like you are doing well. I'm so glad.