Saturday, May 8, 2010

Piano Cranium

A few years ago I made up my own version of piano cranium for my students to play at a group lesson using my Cranium Cadoo board. It has been a fun game to pull out for group lessons periodically. To keep everyone involved I made most of the cards "all-plays" so that both teams race to guess the answer. I included the following categories for the cards:
Music Meanie-Think of a word that means... (play short and separated, the speed of the music, gradually play louder, etc.).

SuperReader(AP)-Sightread a short familiar melody card while other players guess the tune you played.
Note Fast Find- choose a flashcard (note names, intervals or chords), correctly identify it, race to the piano and play it and return to your seat within 15 seconds
Music Cloodle(AP)-draw music symbols (staccato, grand staff, whole note)
Rhythm Race- Choose a rhythm flashcard to clap and count out loud correctly
Music Sculptorades (AP)-sculpt music symbols using play dough (treble clef, fermata, eighth note, etc.).
Instrument Cameo (AP)- Act out a specific instrument (triangle, trumpet, cymbals, etc.)
Datahead - Answer multiple choice trivia questions related to music history and instruments (How many keys does a piano have?, What is the correct order of the periods of classical music? A minuet is..., etc.).
Composer Craniac - Answer multiple choice questions w/ facts about various composers that I had previously highlighted in my "Composer Corner" section of my monthly newsletters.

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