Friday, August 28, 2009

Steady Beat Elephants

One of the fundamental skills for success playing any musical instrument is to "feel the beat". Every day we will start preschool with some "feeling the beat" activities. Hear are just a few ideas to try at home.
Listen to "Friends at the Piano" (on the Faber My First Piano Adventures Lesson Book CD). Tap the beat on your lap or clap. Then vary the motions by tapping lap & clapping. Or for even more fun make animal motions to the beat - clap like a seal, make your arms into a trunk and sway like an elephant, peck your head like a woodpecker, etc.

Sing Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes to the Beat of the Metronome. We started really slow w/ metronome at 40 and worked up to 200 beats per minute. Make sure you listen for the speed of the metronome before you begin. For a challenge try it with your eyes closed.

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