Monday, August 31, 2009

Piano Pokey

I made a giant keyboard by drawing piano keys on an old sheet (a vinyl tablecloth would work even better). We do the hokey pokey with a little piano twist. It seems to take little kids a while to figure out the difference between left and right. Each time I have them hold out their hands flat and look for the capital L in the left hand before we start.
"You put your right up high, (pretend to play piano w/ right hand on the right side of the keyboard)
You put your left down low (play piano w/ left hand on left side of keyboard)
You put your right up high, and you play it all around (wiggle fingers like your playing the keys)
You do the piano pokey and you turn yourself around (normal hokey pokey actions)
That's what its all about."
(Repeat using feet)

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