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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Feeling Musical Pitch through Movement

Music and movement make great pairs!  To prepare students for the complexities of the staff I like to first incorporate some movement to music activities.  This not only matches the natural learning developmental process, but it also provides a meaningful energy outlet for young students who get fidgety being stuck on the bench for an entire lesson. Children love the challenge moving to a speedy version of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.  I adapted the movements a bit to match the pitches of a major pentascale (+La)
Do-C:  Toes
Re-D:  Knees
Mi-E:  Waist
Fa- F: Shoulders
Sol- G: Head
La- A: Hands above Head

Prepare by having the student imitate your body movements to match the pitches of the pentascale going up and down as you touch each corresponding part.
Do-C:  Toes
Re-D:  Knees
Mi-E:  Waist
Fa- F: Shoulders
Sol- G: Head
La- A: Hands above Head

 Then repeat with this with songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hot Cross Buns, etc. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

12+ Months of Free Music Group Lesson Plans

Choosing a monthly focus topic for piano lesson not only simplifies lesson planning, but it also helps me ensure that students are getting a well-rounded exposure to musical concepts that can easily be overlooked like composition and ear training.

Festival Music Samples & Listening Assignment :Jazz Rags and Blues

For each piece write the name of the piece and then click it to hear it and answer the following questions:
1. Write 2 or more words to describe the mood of this piece.
2. What is the tempo (speed) of this piece (Adagio, Andante, Allegro, Presto, etc.)?
3. What articulation do you hear in this piece (staccato, legato, accents, pedaling etc.)?
4. Choose your personal rating for this piece from the following:
 1- I have no interest in learning to play this.
2 - This piece is okay
3 - Nice, but not my favorite
4 - I would like to play this piece.
5. I would love to learn to play this.

Jazz Rags and Blues by Martha Mier
Just Struttin' Along
Don't Wanna' Leave You Blues
Ragtime Do-Si-Do
Ol' Rockin'Chair Blues
Surfboard Boogie
Seventh Street Blues
Sneaky Business
Downright Happy Rag
A Neat Beat

For more jazzy fun, check out these episodes compiled by Leila Viss
Get Inspired: Episode 17 The 12 Bar Blues
Get Inspired: Episode 13 Boogie Woogie