Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Piano Accompaniment Patterns for Left Hand

 Playing with a lead sheet gives you the power of choice to stylize songs however you like.

And there are so many options! Listen to a few below. Then choose some of your favorites to use as you accompany the melodies of simple folk or Christmas songs you already know.

Block Chords: Stacked up Like a Snowman

Hey Ho Nobody Home 

Block Chords with Syncopated Rhythm: Bop di Bop

Broken Chords: Oom-Pah

Jingle Bells

Alberti Bass: Bottom Top Middle Top

Alberti Bass Two Minute Tip

Broken Intervals: Chord Pieces

Piano Guys All Good (sheet music in Lullaby book)

Forrest Gump Style: Interrupting Eighths

Piano Guys Ode to Joy (sheet music in Lullaby book)

Alberti + Broken Intervals + Forrest Gump

Row Your Boat Piano Guys (sheet music in Lullaby book)

Bluesy 5-6 Swing Beetles

Bluesy Swayin' 1-5-6

Going Further:

Watch the following videos if you'd like to learn more left-hand styles and see them in action.

Pianonote 3 Easy Left Hand Patterns (Broken Intervals, 1 8va Arpeggio Variations)
Tutorial with sample at the end (8:20).

100 Left-Hand Patterns Book by Gerald Simon shows so many different ways left-hand patterns can stylize your music. 
Watch the  Left-Hand Patterns Workshop by Gerald Simon to see a few in action.

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