Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Free Printable Music Theory Poster and Games: Teaching Chord Qualities

Chord Qualities Major minor augmented diminished

Seeing Chord Shapes 

A picture is worth a thousand words... at least if you are a visual learner like me!  This poster for teaching chord qualities in my music studio makes the differences between chords stand out a bit more.  
We've been playing several games this past month to review the half step patterns in chords.  At first glance when students see 3 skipping notes on the piano, it may look like the notes are the same distance apart, but counting the half steps between the keys helps them determine the chord quality. 
  • Major (4+3), 
  • Minor (3+4), 
  • Diminished (3+3) 
  • Augmented (4+4).

Hearing Chord Qualities

Chords have a distinct sound or mood. 
  • Major sounds Happy
  • Minor sounds Sad or Spooky
  • Diminished sounds Creepy because of the "devil's interval" or tritone
  • Augmented sounds Tense or Suspenseful

Ear Training Activity: Snowman Interval

Listen to the root chord played by your teacher (or on teoria) and strike a pose for the chord you heard.
  • Major=Stand Up Happily
  • Minor-Crouch Down with a Sad Face
  • Diminished - Melt to the Ground
  • Augmented - Stand on Your Tippy Toes with a Crazy Face

More Online Chord ID Practice

For more practice hearing and identifying chords choose from the following activities on

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