Friday, March 9, 2018

Musical Roots + Free Music Download

One of the most inspiring moments of my week was hearing the song "Army of Angels" sung by Evie Clair (America's Got Talent Finalist) at the Roots Tech session Music: A Bridge Across Generations.  I was astonished when I found out that the composer (her cousin) McKenna Mae has provided a free mp3 download of it as well as several some mp3 recordings and sheet music of her other songs.

I wish I could find the sheet music, but for now, I'm enjoying picking out the melody and chords by ear on the piano. I could almost imagine the voices of my musical roots (my grandmothers) speaking the lyrics of this song to me.

YouTube video of McKenna Mae singing Army of Angels

Hearing family history stories and learning about my ancestors speaks to my heart as much as music, so in addition to the beautiful musical performances in this session, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing some of the interesting family stories of the miraculous survival of a baby, forgiveness of a deserted spouse, and a song dedicated to a deceased grandfather that the musician's shared in this session.

To watch the full broadcast: Music: A Bridge Across Generations
Hear Evie Clair sing Army of Angels (at about 34:00)
If this sparked a desire for you to find out more about your own family history, there is so much waiting to be discovered on and  I especially love browsing the pictures and being inspired by the life stories of my ancestors that others have shared.

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