Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Teaching Composing: Interesting Intros with Sowash and Faber

Teaching composing to beginners can seem like an enormous feat with a myriad of approaches.  There are many different pathways to arrive at the end result. This month I began with having students developing their "trash" motives into a short piece using the Trash to Treasure Composing resource on Teach Piano Today.  They loved seeing the printed score of their own creations from MuseScore!  Now we're moving on to the concept of adding an appropriate introduction to their pieces.
Bradley Sowash has some fabulous tips on how to create an interesting intro.  Using some of his concepts as a springboard, I created this listening lab to help my students hear samples of intro styles at work in pieces that are accessible to their playing ability.  Analyzing the composing elements within student's current pieces is a great way to extend their learning and wet their appetite for composing more artistically themselves.

In Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2A listen to the audio as you follow along with your music and decide which style(s) of introduction is used in each of these pieces.
Roller Coaster Rhythm

Woodchuck Chucks Wood

Our Detective Agency

Pirate of the North Sea

Whirling Leaves

A. Begin with the End
B. Melody Motif Cut & Paste
C. Repeating Bass Line
D. Dominant Chord or Note Right Before the Melody Begins
E. Scale in the Tonic Key

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