Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Preschool "Staff Eater" Game

Sometimes my kids are lacking motivation for music practice when the sledding on the dirt hill outside or riding bikes in the vacant lot seem so much more appealing.

So after my son's Let's Play Music Class today I ramped up the motivation a bit by letting him pick out a little treat at the Dollar Store to play this tasty music game at home that I came up with. 
Materials Needed:
Small Edible Objects (golfish, m&ms, skittles, etc, marshmallows, fruit snackes, etc.)
Paper Music Staff (free printable staff from  Colorinmypiano) or (Susan

Round 1: Place Staff Lines
Child rolls the dice and places food on the appropriate line # on the staff.  Repeat until all 5 lines are covered.
If a 6 is rolled student can pick a line of their choice to cover.

Round 2: Eat Staff Line Notes
Child rolls the dice and eats the corresponding candy on the correct line.  If they roll a 6 choose any candy to eat.  Continue until all candies on the staff are eaten (or collected to eat later)!
Rounds 3&4: Place and Eat Space Notes
Repeat using the staff spaces instead and 5 and 6 are both "pick your choice."
Later this week we'll try more staff awareness practice with Freddie Frog Treble Clef Game.
I love how this not only helps him prepare for music reading, but also provides an avenue for school readiness skills like counting practice and number identification.
This can also be played with 2 players who "race" to see who can cover their lines or eat all of their candies first.  For students who have learned the letter names on the staff, they are required to name their line correctly too.
I'm thinking a letter version using a die marked with A, B, C, D, E, F or G will make a great review of the staff letter names for his big sister.

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