Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer K-6 Piano Camp Game Links

In addition to all of the hands on activities and games at piano camp, Piano Campers get to increase their skills using some fun online games and iPad laps during a portion of our music camp.  
If you want to extend the fun and learning from piano camp at home, check out some of these fun online activities that reinforce the concepts we are learning. Most of them work best on a pc.  If you want a challenge select the starred activities.

Piano Camp Game Links
Piano Keys
·         *Quizlet Piano Keys Scatter
·          *Quackin’ Rhythms

Staff Lines/Spaces
·         Freddy Frog Treble Clef Game
·         FACE Treble Space
·          *Whack-a-Note
Bass Treble Clefs/Grand Staff
·         Gina and the Treble Clef
·         Farmer Fred and the Bass Clef
·         *All About that Bass (Clef)
·         *I Knew You Were Treble (Clef)
Aural Memory:
·         Sequencing with Simon
·         Unifix Drum Patterns
Terms & Signs

For even more online fun view the bottom of my Piano Lab Page links or try some of the free printable games on my Piano Game Resource List.

Other Music Apps/Software Played in Tech Time
Music Ace Deluxe
Tonic Tutor
Tune Train (Free)
Rhythm Cat 
Piano Maestro
Simply Piano
Garage Band (Improv Accompaniment)
Simon Perfect Piano
Flashnote Derby


  1. I love the Freddy Frog Treble Clef Game! It's so cute! :]

    1. It's great for young students who often find visual discrimination on the staff a bit challenging. Glad you liked it!

  2. Amazing suggestions, thanks for these! Looking forward to sharing these with my students! :D