Friday, April 15, 2016

Rhythm Telephone Race

I love playing a game that involves engages all of my students at once. This fun musical adaptation of the game "telephone" got my students literally feeling the rhythm in  a fun way at our last group lesson.  I lined up 3 trick or treat rhythm cards in front of each team.  I chose one of the rhythms to tap simultaneously on the backs of the last players in line on both teams and they raced to tap the rhythm message up the line so their team player at the front of the line could be the first to correctly identify and snatch the correct rhythm card.
I love how using the rhythm cards allowed students from 5-15 to participate as a team.  We rotated the line periodically to allow everyone a chance to be the "snatcher."  Another more challenging adaptation would be to require the person at the lead of the line to dictate the rhythm they felt on a white board.  I found another fun variation on Teach Piano Today called Rhythm Squeeze.

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