Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Piano Quest Candy Jar Challenge

To kick off summer piano lessons, I am having a summer candy jar challenge in my studio.  As students master skills and pieces they earn the opportunity to enter guesses for the candy jar of their choice filled with different candies.  In addition, everyone who completes the game within a month gets to pick a prize from the prize box.  The skills to advance one square on the game board for each piano challenge they complete are listed below.  Students choose a small sticker and write their accomplishments in the blanks as they work their way through the musical periods.  I chose to keep the tasks quite general so they are adaptable for my preschooler up to my teenage students.
·         Master 1 page repertoire (Notes, Expression, Rhythm, Fingering)
·         Complete Notes in the Fast Lane in 1 minute or less
·         100% Terms & Signs Quiz
·         Clap & Count Rhythm Challenge Sheet Accurately
·         Pass off keyboard skills in a new key
·         Master a Music Ace game during piano lab
·         Sightread 20 consecutive measures without errors

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