Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Consecutive Super Sightreaders - Part 2

Thanks to Piano Geek Week, I just discovered another great resource for a more gradual approach to sightreading practice - Diane Hidy's Sightreading Flashcards.

I plan to add these to my teaching binders along with my Pianimation sightreading sets & use them with my Consecutive Sightreading Contest that I posted about here. She has 14 free sets (4 pages each) that begin with
very basic guide notes with quarter & half note rhythms progressing gradually up to 8th notes with varying hand shifts & accidentals.  I like how the examples are written on the grand staff.  I experimented printing the cards 4 to a page to save paper and binder space (the super-thriftiness in me coming out), but I think the notes are a little small for beginning readers so I plan to print them out full page and add slip in sheet protectors to add to my teaching binders.  She also has some intriguing videos and teaching tips posted... if only the laundry and the dishes would just do themselves, then I could just seriously enjoying absorbing new piano ideas all day! :)

Of course, as a precursor to super sightreading, students need to first have a grasp on identifying the starting note of each song.  The Notes in the Fast Lane (by Susan Paradis) and Perfect Start for Piano Note Naming sheets (FJH) are excellent resources to go along with all of these sightreading samples.  I make sure to have the students say & play the notes names on these so they associate the proper octave to play in on the keyboard and don't just learn the letter names.

Another recent find that I plan to try out is Michael Kravchuk's Free Reading Exercises in C Major.


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