Thursday, December 22, 2011

Classical Themes Lab Assignment

Using your "In Recital with Classical Themes-Volume 1" by Helen Marlais book, complete the following activities.

After listening to the first few minutes of the following video clips choose a Rating for each piece from the list.
1- I have no interest in learning to play this.
2- This piece is okay.
3- Nice but not one of my favorites.
4- I would like to play this piece.
5- I would love to learn to play this.

1. String Quartet - Haydn
p. 7

Haydn uses a theme and variations form in this string quartet. In what ways does he vary (change) the theme when it repeats?

2. Royal March of the Lion - Camille Saint-Saens p. 9
from Carnival of the Animals
Music in Romantic style often includes expressive dynamics to add more emotion or feeling. Follow along in your music as you listen to this piece. With a colored pencil shade the crescendos on the chromatic scale passages (lion roaring) to match the dynamic level.

3. Eine Kleine Nachtmusick Movement Three - Mozart p. 20-21
Music in Classical style often has a "singing melody" above a soft harmony. As you listen to the first minute of this song "ghost tap" the left hand rhythm.

4. Sheep May Safely Graze - Bach p. 22
Music in the Baroque period often has a steady tempo with a slight ritard at the end. As you watch and listen to this whimsy video, tap a steady beat for the first few minutes.

5. Dance of the Hours from Giocondo- Ponchielli p. 29
Music during the Romantic period often have descriptive titles. This famous excerpt from the opera by Italian composer Amilcare Ponchielli is a short ballet representing the early morning hours.

6. Marche Slav - Tchaikovsky p. 31
Music composed during the Romantic period often has nationalistic or patriotic themes. This piece is a patriotic march by Russian composer Ilyich Tchaikovsky. He was asked to compose it for a benefit concert to honor wounded soldiers from Serbia after Turkey invaded their country.
What different moods or emotions do you hear conveyed in this piece?

7. Violin Concerto Opus 77 Movement Two - Brahms p. 32
Another common feature of Romantic music is rhythmic flexibility within a phrase or measure - also known as Rubato. Performers often vary the tempo slightly to add expression and emotion to the performance. What mood(s) does this piece convey?

8. _____________ music often has a singing melody above a soft harmony.
A. Baroque
B. Classical
C. Romantic
D. Contemporary

9. ______________ music often has descriptive titles or conveys patriotism or expressive emotion.
A. Baroque
B. Classical
C. Romantic
D. Contemporary

10. ____________ music typically has a strict & steady tempo sometimes with a slight ritard at the end.
A. Baroque
B. Classical
C. Romantic
D. Contemporary

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